Summer Fitness with Aaptiv

It’s never too late to revamp your summer fitness goals, even if it already the middle of August. Hey, summer in New England lasts all of 5 seconds so I plan on taking advantage of this weather as much as possible until fall officially starts on September 22nd.

Throughout my engagement from October 2014 until my wedding in June 2016, I was super motivated to get and stay fit. Over the course of those 19 or so months, I dropped 20 pounds and felt incredible in my wedding dress. I tried my hardest to keep up my routine after the wedding was over, even hit the resort gym during my honeymoon in Jamaica, but the same old routine just wasn’t cutting it anymore. In short, I was SO bored.

From last June until the beginning of this summer, my motivation for working out was coming in waves. I was still dancing and getting some cardio and strength training in, but my once-strict regimen was dwindling. When I discovered Aaptiv and its “Fit for Summer” program, I jumped at the chance for a much needed change-up in my routine.

Aaptiv has tons of different programs and trainers you can choose from. What I like about it most is that the trainers talk you through your workout and motivate you to succeed. I found this particularly helpful for treadmill running, a workout that is never high on my to-do list. Since running a race is on my Bucket List for the year, I’ll definitely utilize Aaptiv as part of my training. It’s also great for cross training, yoga, and strength and has multiple levels to keep things interesting and challenging based on what you’re up for.

Everything your body needs right at your fingertips!

A bonus about Aaptiv is that it can be downloaded right to your phone. Super convenient as it’s something that’s always with you. No friends around for a gym date? The trainers on Aaptiv can lend that human voice you may need to get you through a tough workout. Not feeling the gym today? Take your workout home and get some yoga in while dinner is in the oven.

Overall, if you’re looking for a break in your routine or just to try something new to get started, Aaptiv makes any workout better.

Want to try Aaptiv for yourself? Download the app and use code BURPEES for a FREE 30-day trial! I’d love to hear what you think!


I was provided a free month of Aaptiv in exchange for my review. As always, all opinions and images are my own. Thank you for supporting brands who support Chocolate & Wine!