Tapas, here I come!

I’ve been away from the blog for a while but I’m back and with exciting news – today, my parents and I leave for Barcelona, Spain to visit my younger sister who is studying abroad there.  I’ve been to Europe before, more than once, but this is the first time that I will ever visit Spain – and the first time that my pallet is sophisticated enough to handle (or even care about) foreign cuisine.

My first excursion?  Spanish wine.  I’ll even have a glass (or two) on the international flight over there.  Tapas will be next – all sorts, just throw ’em at me!  Traditional paella and some of the best chocolate in the world are definites.  Gelato.. must have in large quantities.

More details to come.. for now, Viva Espana!

I won’t be 22 forever…

Today at work, I got to thinking about my last post and how I say that I don’t have time right now to cook.  I’m only 22 years old and already I’m saying things like “I don’t have time” ?  Scary thought.

My next realization caused my stomach to do a full aerial that would impress even the pickiest of gymnastics judges – if I don’t have time now in my “prime of life” so to speak, will I ever have time?  A typical married woman who is married and has kids has more than one job, probably around 20.  She works a 9-5 and then comes home to what?  After maybe fitting in a quick gym session, she can look forward to screaming children, a tired husband, a house to clean and on top of all of it, someone has to make dinner, right?  I have none of those responsibilities (except for the job and the gym) just yet and already I feel like I can’t do everything?  I think I need a serious reality check.

I won’t always be 22; I won’t always have to work two jobs or worry about my student loans or getting into grad school.  I’ll probably always care what I look like and how fit I am but those are personal choices that I live with.  In the eyes of others, I probably have one of the most care-free, stress-free lives and here I sit complaining that I need a 4p.m. nap because I worked a couple of 16 hour days this week…

So tonight, I will do my sit-ups and pushups, try one of the new appetizers, cook a WW healthy dinner and skip that second glass of wine.  I might be 22 now, but I definitely won’t be forever.

No time to cook..

For the past few days, I have been pulling 16 hour days working both of my jobs.  Unfortunately, that leaves little (aka NO) time for cooking dinner since my day shift at one job ends at 4 and the night shift at the other begins at 5.  The situation has not been helping my healthy plan since I find myself ravenous by 10 p.m. and eating whatever is available.

I vowed that if I wouldn’t cook it, I’m not going to eat it but that’s probably the most difficult thing to stick to when one of your jobs requires waiting tables at a restaurant known for it’s fried appetizers and HUGE pizzas.  I did make my own version of WW pizza the other night – it was quite good and I indulged just a little too much.  Nevertheless, at least I avoided eating half of the pizza at work.

I am definitely anxious to get back to my kitchen and my appetizer project.  I am tackling baby stuffed mushrooms and spinach-artichoke dip next.  Plus, I haven’t forgotten that I must go back to try the mini quiches again, this time with the pancetta.  Very excited.

Turkey sandwich for dinner.. boring, but better than french fries.

Slow start, good food

After a few reluctant days, I have dedicated myself to my Weight Watchers program and some of it’s recipes.  Last night, I tried two: mashed sweet potatoes and mini chocolate cheesecakes to go with my Hungry Girl “Tried & True” Inside-Out Cheeseburgers.

The verdict? Delish (for the most part).  The sweet potatoes used fat-free plain Greek yogurt to make them thick and protein-enriched.  The best part was that you couldn’t taste the somewhat-bitter tang of the yogurt; it was more of a thickener than anything else.  Both of my parents liked them too and my dad even guessed the secret ingredient.

The mini chocolate cheesecakes, though not as successful, were still pretty good.  Since it called for two packets of unflavored gelatin, the promised “cheesecakes” came out more like jiggly pudding molds.  Nevertheless, with the addition of a chocolate wafer, one (about the size of a muffin cup) definitely satisfied my sweet tooth for the night, which I was more than pleased about.

Tonight, I will be trying WW focaccia bread!  At 2 points a serving for bread, it just can’t be beat – especially in my book.  I could eat bread all day, everyday if it wouldn’t make me look like a loaf.  The recipe surprisingly uses no oil, a common key ingredient in focaccia, so I suppose we’ll see how this little experiment goes. 

Oh, and I have not abandoned my appetizer project; it’s just on hold for the moment.  I have to spread out my culinary genius after all.

Until dinner…!