My name is Marie and I’m a 20-something living a wonderful life as a New Hampshire transplant originally from the north shore of Massachusetts.

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I am a lifelong, competitive dancer. I danced and choreographed for Boston-based company, DanceWorks Boston for over 5 years during grad school and in the early years of my career. This year, I’ve taken on the role of Head Coach for the Southern New Hampshire University Dance Team (!) and also teach at a New Hampshire dance studio.


I love food. All food. From chocolate to sushi and everything in between, I’m not afraid to try new things or indulge in the good stuff.

I love wine, especially red wine. Give me a good Cabernet Sauvignon or Pinot Noir any day. Lately though, I don’t shy away from white wine. This past year I discovered how much I love both Chardonnay and Sauvignon Blanc, especially on a hot summer day.

Probably the newest development has been my fast-growing love of beer! My beer-loving husband started bringing my to local breweries (there are so many in NH!) and now I safely say that I thorough enjoy wheat-based beers, Hefeweizens, and even some light-bodied pale ales. Look at me go!

Traveling is a huge part of my life and has been ever since I was a little girl. I traveled so much in 2016 and had so many travel plans already lined up for 2017 that I now have a not-so-secret resolution to escape normalcy as much as possible, but at least once a month, even if it means exploring a new place in my own backyard.

Negril, Jamaica. Taken on our honeymoon

I love to work out but needed something different in my routine. I recently purchased the BodyBoss Method which is a 16-week (4 weeks of pre-training + 12 weeks of the full program) and hope to have a review for it once I complete it.

I no longer run. Previously, this section said that I have a love-hate relationship with running, but these days it’s much more hate than love. While I do have fun running the (few and far between) 5K and I love how I feel after I’m done, running itself is not really my thing.

I love to read and for many many years of my life, I loved school (not that I don’t now, mind you. I’m just done.) I have 2 college degrees. I graduated from Assumption College in 2010 with a Bachelors in English with Writing & Mass Communications and recently got my Masters Degree in Broadcast Journalism from Boston University.

I have a wonderful, loving husband named Sean. Over the years, Sean has been a lot of things to me: boyfriend, fiance, fur baby daddy. He puts up with my constant need to photograph and document our lives together even when it means that he is subjected to millions of Snapchat videos and Instagram stories on a regular basis. I am lucky to have him as my partner-in-crime and forever drinking buddy who never turns down a chance to go grab a beer on a Tuesday night.

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© Jillian Knight Photography 2016 www.jillianknight.com
© Jillian Knight Photography 2016 http://www.jillianknight.com

It’s probably no surprise that I also love social media. Find me everywhere!

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8 thoughts on “About

  1. Marie you are a very talented woman. I really enjoyed your story on valentines day. I hope you keep up the blog it is very interesting and some good recipes on there that I just might try. Good Luck

  2. Hello Marie,
    What a wonderful blog site. I love your interest in cooking and following your Aunt Debbie to eat and cook healthy.
    Good for you that you are running. Brian just ran the Boston Marathon for the first time. Maybe you and he should meet up and talk about joining the “Wicked Runners” group in Salem. Its always fun to excersise and run with a group. Colleen & Stew are also memebers.
    Good luck with your blog site and I’ll be checking in for new postings weekly.
    xo Kathy Chisholm

    1. Hi Kathy!! I’m glad you like it!! Tell Brian congrats on the Marathon! It’s a new dream of mine but will be a few years away. I’ve never heard about that group in Salem but I definitely need people to run with!!! xo – Marie

  3. really looking forward to reading about you and your amazing talents with dancing! your blog is very addicting (but in a good way!!!) go check out my blog!

  4. Hahaha I just saw the infamous Spring Ball photo!! Can you believe that was over 3 years ago? When did we get old? Vom.

    Love you lots!!

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