For the love of cooking…

Hello all…

Welcome to my blog!  I’ll be honest – I decided to create this blog on a whim, with the simple desire to record all I can about something I genuinely love to do…cook.

I am a recent graduate of college where I majored in English, Mass Communications, Writing and Performing Arts.  I’ve had other blogs dedicated to journalism and dance and clearly, I love to write.  So why not merge another aspect of my life into an online social network?  And who could hate good, wholesome food after all?

I am a self-proclaimed home cook.  I have no academic or professional training or experience.  Just me, my cookbooks, a few time-old recipes and my family and friends’ pallets to test on.  I consider myself more than lucky – especially for my mom, dad and sister who have, on countless occasions, be subjected to my not-so-successful attempts to make dinner (or dessert.)  They tirelessly taste and honestly evaluate my food, encouraging me to try new things while giving (mostly) helpful suggestions on how to tinker my recipes.

I tend to cook on the healthy side, due to a past of being slighly on the heavy side.  Salads are the fiber of my being while anything sweet (especially chocolate) is my kryptonite.  Nevertheless, I have done my fair share of cooking with full-fat ingredients. (No one loves real butter as much as my Italian dad, except maybe Paula Deen.)   But with that said, I have a lifestyle dedicated to healthy food with amazing flavor.. just don’t martyr me if I throw in a cheesecake or something made with an absurd amount of nuts every once in a while. (Hey, I’m only human.)

In the past, I have more often experimented with other cooks’ recipes rather than my own.  With this blog and some more free time now that my Bachelor’s Degree is hanging in the hallway and is no longer a distant dream, I hope to break out of my cooking shell for good; forging ahead into the art of creating recipes rather than only making them.

I hope you will follow me as I attempt to make as many recipes from as many chefs and home cooks as possible and devise a few of my own.

Happy Tasting!

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