The Wide World of Cooking Blogs..

I work 40 hours a week at a desk.  I greet patients and file paperwork.  I drink a lot of coffee and even more bottled water, watching the clock slowly tick away the minutes from 7:30-3:30 everyday.  So what do I do to fill all of the dead space?  I have found a new obsession with other cooking blogs.  (I mean, what better way to interact with other home cooks?)

I don’t think I ever realized how vast the world of cooking blogs could be.  Every day, I am finding newer and better blogs than the day before, all while making around $13.00 an hour.  Of course, I pay attention to my work and God knows, I need it (cough cough, stupid college loans) but now and then, I find a stellar website, one that makes my blogging look like a first grader’s homework assignment.  So I feel the need to share them.

The first one actually led me to many of the others and it happens to belong to a young woman I went to college with.  A very talented photographer, I stumbled upon her pages of recipes and photos while clicking around on facebook one day.  Here’s the link:

Cooking Whims:

She also has a sister site… Baking Whims:

I haven’t tried her recipes yet, but one particular one for creamy orzo parmesan has definitely caught my attention.

Attached to her blog, she has listed other online cooks who keep them as well.  That is how I found Buns in my Oven…and Not the Baby Kind and My Baking Addiction

Buns in my Oven… and Not the Baby Kind is run by a mother of 2 who, I believe, also has her own photography company.  And if she doesn’t, she should.  Her pictures are incredible.. it makes my mouth water at the site of her salted chocolate chip cookies and mexican cornbread.  Although the site doesn’t completely appear on my work computer screen, I can tell this chick is for real.  Check her out at

The other blog, My Baking Addiction, is one that I just found today.  I’m already hooked.  This woman has taken cupcakes to a whole new level and they all look INCREDIBLE.  Oreo cupcakes? Snickers cupcakes? Sign me up.  I might make a few modifications to her recipes (aka lower-fat ingredients per usual) but I will not spoil the integrity of the recipe in any way.  I just need to bite into one of them.  You should too… find her here:

Hope you enjoy them as much as I am.  Maybe someday, someone will link me too!

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