It’s snowing, I’m cold.. time for chili.

So I’ve been a horrible blogger.  No new posts since December.  Not that I haven’t been busy working 2 jobs, applying to grad school and trying to keep myself from drowning in debt… I have.  Nevertheless, I’ve been neglecting it.  But not anymore!  Oh, and good news… while I don’t have a fancy-shmancy camera that most other bloggers have, I can upload my not-so-creatively-taken iPhone pictures to my blog now! So, if you feel so inclined, flip back through some of my old posts because hopefully now, I will have some pictures to edit in!

I cooked a lot for Christmas.  I made everything from spinach appetizers to family raviolis to cupcakes and an ice cream cake for my cousins birthday..seriously.  Look at it:

 Not bad right? Yay for pictures!

And then, for about a week or so after New Years, I will a little cooked out, I won’t lie.  But I’m back in the swing of it and, proud to say, that I’ve been on a healthy eating kick for a while now (New Year’s Resolution…duh).  And whoever says healthy food is boring is WRONG.

It’s snowing here in Boston – again.  Third time in three weeks.  It’s actually getting a little ridiculous.  THERE’S NO WHERE TO PUT IT ALL!!!  And, if you didn’t know this about me before I’ll tell you now… I HATE SNOW.  This is why:

Yep, that’s my car….Nevertheless, cold weather and snow call for a few things.  First, hot cocoa with frothy milk (which I can now make thanks to my new milk foamer!)  Second, a warm, cozy fire and a fleece blanket.  Third, comfort food.  Normally, I’d be all about the mashed potatoes but since I’m being good, I’ll go for the amazing veggie chili I mentioned in a previous post.  And once I have perfected my recipe, I will post it… with a picture.  Gotta love iPhones.

Cookies & Cream Ice Cream Cake

2 quarts Cookies & Cream ice cream (or your favorite)
Homemade or tub whipped cream

Leave ice cream out on counter until soft but not melted.  Spread 1 container at a time evenly into a 9″ spring form cake pan.  Place in the freezer to firm completely (best if done for several hours or overnight.)

Remove cake from freezer to thaw slightly before serving.  Cover in a layer of whip cream (a relatively thin layer) and garnish with oreo cookies. 

To serve: Run a sharp knife under hot water between each slice.

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