My First Guest Post!!

Today is an exciting day.  Why?  Well, not only am I going to create a wonderful dinner for me and my mom tonight but it is also the day that my first GUEST POST has been published!!

Karly from Buns In My Oven is currently in the Bahamas (lucky girl; I’ll be there in just a few months!) and needed bloggers to write posts while she has been away.  Her blog, popular and sophisticated, was one of the first I stumbled upon when I became obsessed with food blogs.  I follow her daily.  When she answered my e-mail, I immediately began working on my post: Spinach Brownies & French Onion Soup. 

I must say, my post looks pretty awesome up there on her blog.  Visit Buns In My Oven today to read it!  And thanks Karly!!!

4 thoughts on “My First Guest Post!!

  1. I just saw your guest post and therefore also just discovered YOU and…GASP I’m also 22 and started obsessively cooking at 19, AND I think I might live near you! I’m from Dover, NH.
    I will definitely be adding you to my list of reading material!

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