Lent: My No-Carb Promise

Today is Ash Wednesday, the beginning of Lent. 

Every year, I attempt to give up something.  A few years ago, I gave up milk because I used to drink an abnormal amount of the stuff.  Nowadays, that would be easy because I don’t drink milk that much anymore.  This year I have decided to give up carbs.  Why?  There are a few reasons.

First, I don’t need them.  Carbs, you are harmful to me despite how much I love you.

Second, I am going to the Bahamas in 3 months…enough said, right?

Third, it’ll definitely be a challenge and I need more of those in my life right now.  (Ahem, 5K training….)

So, for the next 40 days, I will be carb-free.  No bread, pasta, crackers, etc. etc. It will impact my cooking but I don’t think it will be so dramatic that I will slip into a boring routine.  I’ll do my best to change up the proteins, veggies, soups, even the desserts since I consider cakes, cookies and the like to be serious carbos. 

Nevertheless, with my dance schedule, new 5K training and Jillian Michaels ab routine, I think a bikini in 3 months just might be possible.  Maybe, we’ll see.

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