Weekly Gratitude

This morning, I’m in one of those moods.  The weather is crappy, I fell down my front stairs before work (soaking me, of course), work sucks and my body is sore from the ringer I am currently putting it through trying to be beach/bikini/Bahamas ready.  I want to whine, cry, mope, pout.  In an attempt to keep my crummy attitude in check, I started thinking about what I’m grateful for… hence, my weekly gratitude.

  • Thank you to my mom and dad who came running the moment they heard me crying as I stumbled back into the house after falling down the front stairs this morning.  I was fine, minus a cut on my ankle, but they were ready to call an ambulance had I needed it.
  • Thank you to my Starbucks cup.  I know it’s an inanimate object but it holds 16 fluid ounces and it is much easier to drink water this way.  I’m pushing between 120-160 ounces of water per day and my awesome cup makes it so much easier.
  • Thank you to everyone who has been so supportive of my new running endeavors.  You keep me strong and push me to keep going.  I hope to run with some of you someday; it would be an honor to wear a number next to you.
  • Thank you to fat-free hot chocolate.  You make a bad day better.
  • Thank you to my good friend MK for inviting me to the Boston Bloggers Brunch event this Sunday at the Biltmore Bar & Grill in Newton.  I’m so excited to meet new bloggers and taste the restaurant’s amazing menu!
  • Thank you to the Stonehill College Dance Team for loving me like one of their own.  I’m an SCDT member at heart.
  • Thank you to Hungry Girl, Lisa Lillien, for putting out ANOTHER AMAZING COOKBOOK.  300 Under 300 might just be the best one yet!  There are so many recipes, I don’t even know where to begin.

And speaking of 300 Under 300… I may be embarking on a special Julie/Julia-esque project in the near future.  More things to be thankful for.

One thought on “Weekly Gratitude

  1. aww YOU’RE WELCOME!! I’m so excited to go to this brunch with you! You are going to love the Boston Brunchers and they are going to love you 🙂

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