Weekly Gratitude

I realized that I missed my Weekly Gratitude post last week so I’ll do two this week!  It’s always good to be extra thankful.

  • Thank you to the spring weather.  The snow has finally melted, the chill is leaving the air and I can enjoy being outside again.  I feel the summertime approaching and man, it feels good.
  • Thank you to my friends Alyse and Swy, without whom I would have been flying solo in Zumba class and looked pretty ridiculous dressed in full-blown 80’s getup dancing in a club a few weekends ago.  Oh and for Blitzkrieg, because somebody’s gotta be Germany.
  • Thank you to my friend Kimmy for being an awesome gym date and shopping buddy.  I couldn’t have run 20 straight minutes and dropped $80 at the BU bookstore without her!
  • Thank you to my Mom who was more than supportive when I told her that I signed up for my first 5K race in May.  I knew she’d be happy for me but when she offered to come for the race and cheer me on at the end, I was elated.
  • Thank you to my Dad for being absolutely hysterical whenever we are with company.  He knows how to light up any conversation and make people laugh.  Must be where I get it from.
  • Thank you to the Stonehill College Dance Team for making me one of their own.  They are not only a beautiful group of dancers (my younger sister included) but they are genuine, kind girls who know how to make someone like me feel loved.  Congrats on your top 5 ranking at Nationals, ladies.  You earned it!
  • And thank you to my wonderful boyfriend, Stephen.  I told him I’d sneak him into these posts every once in a while and since he just started reading my blog, maybe he’ll catch this one.  He is everything I could ask for in a guy and then some.  Not many people could put up with me the way he does and he loves me unconditionally for the person (..and pain in the ass) that I am.  He is simply amazing.

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