Weekly Gratitude

Thank.God.It’s.Friday.  That’s really all I need to sum up this week.  However, there are always more things to be thankful for…

  • Thank you to my Aunt Deb who surprised me by getting tickets to go to dinner and see a live taping of “The Cooking Show” at The Rustic Kitchen Bistro & Bar in Boston tonight.  I’ll be the complete DORK in the audience taking pictures of her food.  (Seperate blog post to come about that.)  I’m so excited to spend quality time with my auntie, eat good food, drink good wine and maybe pass out some blogger cards.  Opportunity beckons.
  • Thank you to BU’s College of Communication for giving me a $10,000 scholarship to help me pay for my Master’s Degree program.  Without it, I’d be slightly more panicked.
  • Thank you to Claire for being in the Royal Wedding spirit today.  Not onlydid she don a tiara all morning at work but also brought in a Queen Elizabeth doll, English tea and a teacup from 1984.  Classic.

  • Thank you to Shazam for being able to capture any song on the radio so I know it’s title and artist instantly.  Have you heard Lifehouse’s new song “Falling In”? If not, download it.  It’s Stephen’s new ring tone.
  • Thank you to this weekend.  Lots of working out, some healthy cooking, maybe a bike ride, a trip the Newburyport farmer’s market, time with the family and the boyfriend, lots of sleep, wine and relaxing.

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