Weekly Gratitude

I love Fridays for obvious reasons.  It’s the beginning of the weekend, it’s sunny and has FINALLY hit 70 degrees here north of Boston, I have lovely plans for the weekend and a glass of red wine calling my name.  That being said, I had lots of things to be grateful for this week.

  • Thank you to St. Pius V School, my own Kindergarten through 8th grade home.  Today, they gave out the annual endowment scholarships to students and this year was the first year my family’s scholarship in honor of my grandparents, the Leonard and Lena Torto Endowment Scholarship, was presented.  My sister and I were able to give it out and it was a very proud moment for my family.  Plus, I got to go back to my days in elementary school, see all the changes that have been made and visit with my old teachers.
  • On that note, thank you to all of my old teachers that I saw today.  It is so nice to be told over and over again how grown up and beautiful I am and how proud they are of the person I’ve become. [GLOAT.]
  • Thank you to Forever 21 for making the cutest clothes for summertime.  I love my new sundresses, sandals, sunglasses.  You better believe I’m hitting that place hardcore before my cruise.
  • Thank you to my Daddy.  His 59th birthday is tomorrow and he is the best Dad I could ask for.  I love you Dad!
  • Thank you to my Mom (and to all moms) who we celebrate this weekend for Mother’s Day.  You go above and beyond and I love you very much.
  • Thank you to music.  Man, I couldn’t do anything without you.  Life would be incomplete.
  • Thank you to my friend, Miriah, and her husband John for letting me visit last weekend.  They are brand new parents to abeautiful little baby girl, Adrianna.  She is 6 weeks old already and I fell in love when I saw her.  And of course, Miriah is her same skinny self.  Genetics were good to her.
  • Thank you to summertime.  You are so close, I can see you like a finish line.  I’ll run to you.

Me with baby Adrianna

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