My First Race: The Essentials

Here we are, kids.  The eve of my first 5K.  I’m sorry if you are sick of hearing about it.  I’m not sick of talking about it.  (I promise I’ll start cooking again for real next week though. I’ve missed it!)

So I’m nervous.  Like really nervous.  That’s normal right?  I hope so.  When I dance in big competitions like nationals, I have a habit of… well, losing it (if you know what I mean) beforehand (and maybe after.) Sometimes I cry too.  Just being honest here.

I’ve been researching for quite some time now about what to wear, eat, listen to before, during and after running a race.  Christine is a big help.  Aron is too.  But come on now, I’m no marathon runner just yet.  No crazy carbo loads, no 5 mile easy runs (haha, can’t do those yet, but I did get in some nice cardio yesterday) and no Garmin on my wrist.  However,  I will have a (basic, but cute) running outfit, a rockin’ playlist, a good dinner tonight (a signature pasta creation), a light breakfast tomorrow morning, lots of water and my favorite people there to cheer me on (and take tons of pictures!)

This picture was my night in a nutshell…

So my essentials.  I’ve comprised a (short) but sturdy list of things I’ll do/wear/eat today in preparation for tomorrow.  First, I have been  RESTING.  My legs were a bit sore still today (I dance 3 days a week so yeah) so tonight I watched tv, cut up some watermelon, read, hung out with Tracie for a bit and watched Disney movies.

The Outfit

Okay, so I don’t really have a running wardrobe yet.  I do have great running capris from target that I’ve been training in and LOVE.  A regular t-shirt will suffice for this race with a light zip-up over it.  I’ll decide when I get to the race if I need the jacket or not.  I doubt it since it’s supposed to be nice out and I sweat … a lot.  Sneakers? I have a confession… I never got new ones.  I know.. SO BAD.  But I’m going to suck it up for this first race and if I enjoy it as much as I hope I will and decide to sign up for more races (and longer distances), I will go to a specialized running store, get fitted and invest in good sneaks.  For now, my Champs will have to do.

The Carbo Load

Just kidding.  But there will be a little pasta.  And veggies (duh, don’t you know how much I love em?)  So here’s what I’m chowin’ on…

Breakfast (Today): Cup of fruit salad, small sliver quiche, small iced coffee with skim milk/2 sweet n low, water.

Lunch: Garden salad with cherry tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, a few croutons and fat free ranch, 1 orange, water.

Dinner: Whole grain pasta (angel hair is my favorite), throw in some of Stephen’s “quick sauce” (fam recipe sped up for convenience but still delicious).  Then I’ll saute zucchini, yellow squash, eggplant, and mushrooms in a skillet and added it to the pasta.  Yeah.. the perfect dish for some pre-race energy.  Matched with a large glass of water, it’s a tremendous, digestible and san-heavy dinner.

Breakfast tomorrow: Slice of wheat toast with 1 TB low fat peanut butter, small banana (3 hours pre-race), water

The Playlist

I’ve done lots of mixing and matching to get the perfect approximately 40 minute playlist so every second will be accounted for… hopefully I won’t even need the whole thing.  I’m not a big song jumper – I pick the winners ahead of time and play the whole thing.  Here’s what I’ve got.. yes, a song or 2 are repeated but only because they pump me up so much.

1. King of Anything (3:27)- Sara Barielles.  Upbeat for the warm-up few minutes.

2. The New Workout Plan (5:22)- Kanye West.  If you want the best push-yourself song there is, download this.  It’s so funny and makes you want to run… or do sit-ups, whatever.

3.  Best Love Song (3:17) – Chris Brown.  Got this one from Christine.  It’s a great pacer song.  I find my stride easily.

4. Can’t Be Tamed (2:28) – Miley Cyrus.  I can’t be tamed, what about it?  Plus, it’s short and a nice break up in between the long songs.

5.  Born This Way (4:20) – Gaga.  “I was born to survive.” Enough said.

6. On the Floor (3:50) – J.Lo & Pitbull.  I could dance to this, run to this, anything.  It’s just awesome.

7. Who’s That Chick  (2:47) – Rhianna.  Another one I can dance to.  For some reason, when I think of dance routines while I run, it makes me enjoy it so much more.

8. The New Workout Plan.  Repeat.  I know it’s 5:22 so when its over, it’s a big chunk of time I got through.

9. Mean (3:57) – Taylor Swift.  I play this at the end but I’m hoping I don’t need it.  It’s one of those “you think I’m nothing but look what I’m doing now” sort of songs and it makes me want to prove to myself that I CAN DO IT.

The People

Obviously I’ve never run a race before but I completely believe all you runners out there that the crowd pumps you up and keeps you going.  I’ve got a terrific group coming to cheer me on including my mom, my sister, my cousin Ali, my aunt, my work peeps.  I plan on getting as much energy and motivation as I can from them and HAMMING it up in front of the cameras.  And I’m giving Tracie a set of poms to shake around.  Yeah, we’re legit.

If you just happen to be on the North Shore tomorrow morning, say around 9ish and you want to come watch a 5K, head to Marblehead (Beach St./Ocean Ave.)  Find me and say hi.  I’ll love you for it!

What are your Running Essentials?  Were you nervous for your first race and if so, what did you do to de-stress yourself? (Seriously peeps, I need all the advice I can get on this one!)

2 thoughts on “My First Race: The Essentials

  1. I can’t wait to hear about how you did on your race today! I hear you on the shoes. I’ve been running in a pair of Asics that I’ve had for a few years now and I’ve been waiting until I run my first race to invest in a nicer pair. I don’t want to spend all the money until I know I’m going to stick with it. It’s surprisingly practical of me!

  2. You should of put 3x Yeah by Chris Brown on that playlist. Back in the day, and by that I mean a month ago, I could listen to that one song for a full hour while I was at the gym and it kept me going the whooole damn time.

    PS can you please make some new recipes? I enjoy seeing the shit you find, it makes me happy.

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