Weekly Gratitude

Thank you AGAIN to everyone who came out, sent me e-mails, comments, text messages and supported me for my first 5K race.  It was an unbelievable experience and I can’t wait to do it again.  (And I think I may be getting roped into a HALF MARATHON in August?!?!? Oh. My. God.)

Thank you to my cousin Ali for taking gorgeous pictures at my race.  She’s legit.  And hysterical.  And an all around great kid.  She takes after me.

Thank you to Dunkin Iced Coffee.  It’s Friday and I NEEDED you.  Small with skim milk and 2 sweet-n-low if you were wondering. 

Thank you to my boyfriend.  I don’t give this kid enough credit.  He puts up with a lot on a regular basis.  (I am a HUGE pain in the you-know-what.)  Last night, he brought me a bottle of wine for no reason whatsoever.  One word: Keeper.

Thank you to Tracie for making the best American Chopped Suey that my sister and I absolutely hoovered last night.  Comfort food at it’s finest.  Oh and for my b-e-a-utiful flowers for my race.  What a Work Mama she is.

Thank you to NDA for the best summer job I could ask for (not that I don’t love my hospital peeps!)  I get to travel all over the country, meet incredible people and dance all.summer.long.  I go to Oklahoma in exactly one week and I cannot wait.

Thank you to the gym.  I love you, enough said.

Thank you to DanceWorks Boston for having fall AND spring sessions next year.  I want to choreograph again…. pom, jazz or contemporary?

Oh.. and a big HAPPY 23rd BIRTHDAY to my best friend/college roomie Swy! 23 is the new 21…

Me & Swy

It’s Friday.. what are you thankful for?

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