College Graduation

About a year ago, I graduated from Assumption College with a Bachelor’s Degree in English with Writing & Mass Communications.  With a white cum laude cord around my neck and diploma in hand, this picture was taken with my boyfriend, Stephen, his sister, Nina, and his mom, also named Marie.

I am very proud to announce that today, Stephen graduated from college.  After spending 2 very hard, long years in a tough radiology program to become an x-ray tech, Stephen is now a certified graduate.

Now wait… it’s only fair that I explain what exactly this program means.  It’s a 5 semester program: fall, spring, summer, fall, spring.  First year, he spent 3 days a week in class (read: Anatomy and the like… yuck) and 2 days in clinicals (read: dealing with patients… no thanks.) The summer in between the first and second year meant he spent 40 hours every week working as an intern WITHOUT PAY.  Ouch.  So essentially, he worked 60 hours a week: 20 paid (at a seperate job) and 40 unpaid.  The second year, the schedule flipped.  The students then went to class 2 days a week and clinicals for 3.

Let’s put this in perspective.  Sure, I spent a whole 4 years as a full-time college student but I had my summers free to make money.  I had class roughly 3-4 hours and hardly ever in a row.  I haven’t taken science since junior year of high school and if you asked me to “position” anyone, I’d flat out refuse.  Those x-ray kids don’t get enough credit.

Regardless, he graduated and awesome for him, he already has a job lined up.  2 words: Thank God. 5 more words: damn my stupid English Degree.

Congratulations Stephen!

And, being the super nice, never-a-pain-in-the-butt girlfriend that I am (cough), I bought him this pretty toy as his present.  Which I will be borrowing.  On a regular basis.

One thought on “College Graduation

  1. Lol don’t give me too much credit babe! I couldn’t have finished college without you helping me get through it. It took some serious trying to wake up some mornings and you were my motivation for most of it. Thanks babe love you 🙂

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