Weekly Gratitude: Birthday Edition

I realized I haven’t done a Weekly Gratitude in quite some time now and I have SO many things to be thankful for.  Bear with me, this list could get lengthy.

I’m thankful I have a wonderful family.  Seriously, people, my fam puts up with a lot.  When I’m moody, aggitated or tired, watch out.  Hurricane Marie will bulldoze you right over. 

Cupcake charm = birthday present from Mom & Dad. Super cute next to my giraffe and seashell.

I’m thankful for mid-morning snacks.  Fruit, nuts, quinoa (?)… whatever.  It helps me get through the first 5 hours of my day and makes me smile.

My aunt's quinoa: Roasted eggplant, peppers, onions, squash... Delicious despite the crappy picture.

I’m thankful for dance.  Towards the end of college, I was completely burnt out.  I no longer wanted to go to practice, couldn’t stand the thought of running our routines “one more time” and didn’t even enjoy the sweating aspect of it anymore.  I felt like I lost a piece of myself.  After graduation, I spent my summer with NDA, and although I loved every minute of it, I felt strangely out of place.  As the year progressed, I joined DanceWorks Boston and my outlook changed.  I found my love of dance again and with it, a love for myself again.  Even this summer with NDA feels completely different than last summer and my confidence is soaring higher than ever before.  Thank you DWB and NDA; you gave me a piece of my heart back.

DanceWorks Boston, Spring 2011
NDA circa 2009

I’m thankful for my friends.  Family friends, dance friends, home friends, school friends.  I’d be so lost without you. 

Oldie but a goodie. And go figure, even at 10 years old, my mouth was never shut.

I’m thankful for my job(s).  That I do things that I like/love, that I work with great people and that I get a paycheck to pay my school loans so my parents don’t have to sell the house.  Win.

I’m thankful for exercise.  Sweat = love.  I’m especially thankful for two of my oldest friends, Lauren and Joanna, for convincing me to take a Cross-Fitt class at the gym on Tuesday afternoon.  My inner thighs and lower back STILL hurt.

I’m thankful for Weight Watchers.  6 pounds down and eating what I love? Yes, please.

I’m thankful for my boyfriend.  Words do not express this at all.  He is the kindest person I have ever met, has a heart of gold and would do anything and everything for me.  He took me out to dinner last night, gave me a beautiful gift and even indulged my desire for (more) frozen yogurt.  The whole time I was thinking that I must be the luckiest girl in the world. 

Oh hey, Boyfriend
So good to me...
I like diamonds.

I’m thankful that tomorrow is my birthday.  I’m happy, healthy and ready for 23.

What are you thankful for today? 

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