A Change in the Line Up

I’ve contemplated this post for a while. 

I believe that change is a good thing.  Healthy, natural, it’s what helps us grow up and defines who we are.  I welcome change.

For the most part.

I think change is easier when you know that other people support you, adapt to whatever is changing about you, sometimes changing a bit of themselves as well.

That’s where you all come in.

I want to talk about a specific change; namely, the genre of this blog.

It’s kind of happening already.  During the summer, I spend more time dancing than eating.  And in reality, once September rolls around in a few short weeks, there will not be much time in my schedule for cooking.  As my dad would say, “Marie, school comes first.”  Thanks Dad.  (He’s been saying that since I was in pre-school.)  But he’s right.  Between grad school, dance, work… cooking won’t come daily.

While food and cooking is a huge part of my life and one of my favorite pastimes, I enjoy an abundance of other things as well.  With my re-found love of the gym and working out, my passion for dance and my aspiring running, along with my busy life in general, I am finding more and more that I wish to tell you about.  And as long as it’s cool with all of you, I’ll continue to keep this slight change in my blog’s line up.

Will I be abandoning cooking/baking completely?  Absolutely not.

Will it happen a little less often?  Sadly, yes.

In turn, I hope to turn this blog into a jack-of-all-trades forum where I talk about whatever comes to my mind.  Sometimes it will include food, especially the occasional baked goods I will be providing my DanceWorks friends.  It will also feature my fitness/running endeavors, school and work updates and of course, dance.

So I pose the ultimate question to you, my readers….is this all okay with you?  Will you still find time in your busy lives to read me if I talk about cooking a bit less and life a bit more?

I would love your feedback and appreciate all of your support.  Thank you so much for giving me a reason to write and keep my life documented in Chocolate & Wine.  This blog is dedicated to you.

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