My Running To-Do List

Since it looks like I will be doing a lot more running in the upcoming months (!!!), I have lots of things to do that all revolve around my new hobby.

#149 .. My first 5K

First, buy new sneaks.  This is so important because I honestly don’t remember when I bought the pink Champions that I’m running in now.  I know, so bad.  I plan on making a trip to the New England Running Company and getting professionally fit for rockin’ running sneakers.

Research GU.  I read lots of running blogs (like ChristineEmilyAron and Ali… just to name a few) and I’m always hearing about this GU stuff.  Apparently, it gives you extra energy and calories when you run longer distances.  There are gels, chomps, jelly beans and I want to try them all.

Make a schedule.  During my 5K training, I was much more accountable when I knew exactly when I was training.  For the Tufts Women 10K, I plan on posting my schedule everywhere, here included so y’all can track my progress.

Get jacked.  Okay, not jacked.  But I would like to be more toned.  And since my legs will be doing lots of work, the rest of my body needs to be equally fit.  I used to think that being a skinny twig was all that mattered.  In a much healthier mindset, I now believe that muscles = sexy, healthy and happy.

Run outside more.  Merr, I suck at this.  I like the treadmill and I find it much easier to run when I am on one.  There are no forces to deal with (rain, temperature, wind, etc.).  In reality, races are not run inside.  I need to stop being a wimp and get my butt outside.

Cross-train consistently.  This one is a little easier for me because I dance three nights a week and have no problem mixing up my cardio workouts with classes at the gym.  Nevertheless, more sweat never hurts.

Keep up the good eating.  More Weight Watchers please.  Lose another 10 pounds? Count me in.

Invest in a Garmin.  A simple Garmin Forerunner 110 will do.  But, since sneaks come before fancy gadgets, I’ll keep it on the wish list for now.  Anyone have one I can borrow for my upcoming races?  I’ll wipe the sweat off of it when I’m done, I promise.

Take more risks.  Sign up for a 10K… check.  Start running hills…. fail.  I can’t run flat forever.  “I think I can, I think I can…”

Be more confident.  Running is hard for me.  I have a love-hate relationship with it.  It is not something I am naturally good at and sometimes, I have to force myself to do it.  But I aim to be one of those people who say to their friends, “I got in an awesome 5 mile run this morning” or “I can’t go out; I have a long run this weekend” or “I need pasta.. I’m carbo-loading for my half tomorrow.”  I know, in time, I will be.

After my first 5K... best feeling in the world.

I want to know…. What’s on your running and/or fitness to-do list?  What types of sneaks should I look into at for running long distance?  Runner friends, what am I missing from my list/what else should I research?

3 thoughts on “My Running To-Do List

  1. This is probably really obvious, so apologies if this is useless, but try to combine the hill running and the outdoor running by finding somewhere pretty to run. You’ll suffer a bit running uphill, but then you get to run easy downhill while looking at nice views! When you’re running uphill, don’t think about it and don’t slow down, save the slow running for downhill 🙂

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