It’s a question I’ve been asking a lot lately.

It’s also a question I’ve been asked and one that I simply can’t answer.

All I do know is that I will keep going.  I’m sure there will be a lengthy post coming about everything I’m going through but right now, I have to learn to accept the changes that life has thrown me.  At times I feel like I am drowning, I have no idea which way is up and I am unsure just exactly how to get through each day. But I will.  Have I completely lost hope?  Well, no… but now I have to find myself in all of this.  Take care of me and figure out a way to put my pieces back together.

And somehow, among the tears and the emptiness I feel… I have to believe that everything will be okay.

One thought on “Why?

  1. We love you Marie. Stay strong, each day will get better I promise. We are always here if you want to talk…well maybe email, calls can be expensive over oceans 🙂

    Love to you always
    Lance, Karen and Samantha.

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