I won’t be 22 forever…

Today at work, I got to thinking about my last post and how I say that I don’t have time right now to cook.  I’m only 22 years old and already I’m saying things like “I don’t have time” ?  Scary thought.

My next realization caused my stomach to do a full aerial that would impress even the pickiest of gymnastics judges – if I don’t have time now in my “prime of life” so to speak, will I ever have time?  A typical married woman who is married and has kids has more than one job, probably around 20.  She works a 9-5 and then comes home to what?  After maybe fitting in a quick gym session, she can look forward to screaming children, a tired husband, a house to clean and on top of all of it, someone has to make dinner, right?  I have none of those responsibilities (except for the job and the gym) just yet and already I feel like I can’t do everything?  I think I need a serious reality check.

I won’t always be 22; I won’t always have to work two jobs or worry about my student loans or getting into grad school.  I’ll probably always care what I look like and how fit I am but those are personal choices that I live with.  In the eyes of others, I probably have one of the most care-free, stress-free lives and here I sit complaining that I need a 4p.m. nap because I worked a couple of 16 hour days this week…

So tonight, I will do my sit-ups and pushups, try one of the new appetizers, cook a WW healthy dinner and skip that second glass of wine.  I might be 22 now, but I definitely won’t be forever.

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