No time to cook..

For the past few days, I have been pulling 16 hour days working both of my jobs.  Unfortunately, that leaves little (aka NO) time for cooking dinner since my day shift at one job ends at 4 and the night shift at the other begins at 5.  The situation has not been helping my healthy plan since I find myself ravenous by 10 p.m. and eating whatever is available.

I vowed that if I wouldn’t cook it, I’m not going to eat it but that’s probably the most difficult thing to stick to when one of your jobs requires waiting tables at a restaurant known for it’s fried appetizers and HUGE pizzas.  I did make my own version of WW pizza the other night – it was quite good and I indulged just a little too much.  Nevertheless, at least I avoided eating half of the pizza at work.

I am definitely anxious to get back to my kitchen and my appetizer project.  I am tackling baby stuffed mushrooms and spinach-artichoke dip next.  Plus, I haven’t forgotten that I must go back to try the mini quiches again, this time with the pancetta.  Very excited.

Turkey sandwich for dinner.. boring, but better than french fries.

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