Weekly Gratitude

Hooray for Friday!  I know I’ve only had a 4-day work week (so spoiled..) but I’m really excited about this weekend.  It’s Easter .. duh .. and that means spending time with my family, eating good food and being thankful… I figured a Friday Weekly Gratitude was appropriate.

  • Thank you to my sister, Melissa.  She’s home from college for Easter break and man, she’s a funny kid.  She came with me to 2 nights of dance practice and totally showed me up in hip-hop.  I told her to stop being better at it than me.  She doesn’t listen.
  • Thank you to Marathon Monday for giving me the day off from work and giving me something else to strive for.  Those Boston runners are incredible!
  • Thank you to the sun.  It’s nice to finally see you.  Would you mind warming the Boston area up just a bit more?
  • Thank you to flip-flops.  I’ve missed you.
  • Thank you to Boston University’s Accepted Student’s Day.  It was so well-organized and everyone running it was beyond helpful.  I know I am making the right decision to go there for graduate school and I pray that I get picked to study abroad in London next summer to cover the Olympics! ::Fingers crossed::
  • Thank you to my high school friends who have recently gotten back in touch.  We’re getting together tomorrow and it’ll be so great to talk and catch up after a long time apart.
  • Thank you again to the people I work with.  The days go by faster and the crazors are a little easier to deal with because of you.
  • Thank you to my Nuna for everything she has given me.  Most recently paying my (very expensive) BU deposit.  She is amazing.
  • Thank you to my grandmother… another Easter with us and still going strong.  She is the cornerstone of our family.  We love you Grammy.
  • Thank you to Easter Sunday.  A day of love, family and faith.

2 thoughts on “Weekly Gratitude

  1. thank you to Little Torto for making my days at work full of laughter and fun………..you are like a daughter to me and I cherish knowing you.

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