Run for Ryan’s Cup 5K Race Recap

Second 5K – Boom. Done.


Tough? Yes.  Worth it? Hell yes.

This past weekend was amazing overall.  It included lots of time with Boyfriend, apple picking, the best pre-race dinner ever and a great race ending in a PR!  But more on that a little later.

When I woke up Sunday morning (Race Day), my first thought was “I don’t want to go.”  I’m not very optimistic in the morning.  But after dragging myself out of bed, pulling on my new Refuel with Chocolate Milk tech t-shirt courtesy of a giveaway I won a few months back, and lacing up my new Asics, I felt much better.

My new favorite shirt!

When Boyfriend and I got to the race, I was already pre-registered like a good little nerd.  I got my number, a swag bag complete with free water bottles, a t-shirt and two tickets for free beer post-race.  Free beer for running? Sweet.

I meandered around, used the portapotty (which had no line and was the cleanest portable restroom I’ve ever seen), stretched and took a warm-up jog around the parking lot.  I felt good, I looked legit and I was ready for the race to start.

Soon enough, I was moving with the masses to the starting line.  There were no designated corrals because of the small size of the race so I picked a spot towards the middle-back, chatted with some first time 5K-ers and set my music to blare some Nikki Minaj.  When the gun went off, I clicked the timer on my watch to have an idea of how I was doing.  A makeshift Garmin, if you will.

So, how did I do?

Place        Name        No. Div/Tot Div   Age S   City    St    Time    Pace
108    Marie Torto   26   2/4       F2029  23  F Lynn  MA  32:46  10:33

My official time clocked in at 32:46 with a 10:33 min/mile pace.  I was thrilled!  Going into the race, I had a goal to run it under 33 minutes, taking time off of my first 5K time, 33:38.  Originally, I believed that my first time was 34:something, taking a full 2 minutes off but I’ll take the 58 second PR, thank you very much!  Plus, my pace improved from 10:50 to 10:33.  Woo!

The Highs:

The weather: It was nice and chilly when Stephen and I got to the race which is how I kept from getting (too) overheated during the run.

Water stops: There were a bunch along the course.  Friendly people holding out full cups of water so I only had to slow down a tad to grab one.  I then proceeded to take a sip and dump the rest over my head. Felt good.

The event: Everything was so organized and I got lots of fun things for pre-registering.  A free t-shirt, multiple water bottles (I can’t say no to free stuff) and a variety of granola bars, apples and a chocolate chip cookie!

My legs: I gotta say, having a dance background definitely helps the running process.  My legs, large and in-charge, are stocked with keep-going muscles that don’t tire easily.  Not one time during the race did my legs hurt.  Love it.

Mmm... free Bud Light

 The Lows:

My stomach: Once again nausea took over.  Right around that 1.5 mile mark, my insides did a flip flop, threatening gruesome consequences.  I powered through thinking of everything from crossing the finish line, hugging my boyfriend,  showering… anything to keep my mind off of the circus show that was going on in my abdomen.

The inclines: Yes, I said inclines, not hills.  There were a couple of bigger ones in there, reminding me once again that I need to train outside and on more difficult terrain more.  Because “flat” does not always mean flat.. and that’s okay.

Post Race:

The second I crossed that finish line, there was a small child holding a water bottle out for me.  I’m sure I looked like a crazy person, bright red, tears in my eyes from sheer pride.  Oh well, I was happy.  Small child will live.

I shared my 2 beer tickets with Boyfriend because I’m so nice.  (Honestly, I got down half of one before I remembered that 2 pieces of toast + alcohol does not a sober Marie make.)  We got Qdoba for lunch and I proceeded to be 100% lazy the rest of the day.

So what now?

I had a goal during the summer to run a race every month until the end of the year so here’s what I’m looking forward to:

Witch City 5K, 10/23/11, Salem, MA (already registered)

9th Annual Marcia Lemkin Foundation Race to Conquer Lung Cancer, 11/20/11, Lowell, MA (not yet registered)

YMCA Reindeer Run, 12/3/11, Beverly, MA (not yet registered)

I want to know: How do you feel as you cross that finish line?  Elated? Sick? Emotional? Happy to be DONE?  Ready to run another? What’s your favorite part of any race?

7 thoughts on “Run for Ryan’s Cup 5K Race Recap

  1. Congratulation! I’m doing a “rugged” 5K through mud and obstacles this weekend! I’m aiming for under 30mins. Wish me luck!

    Oh and is that Salem race the one where everybody dresses up for Halloween? I think I’ll be there doing the 10K! Maybe I’ll see you!

    1. I heard about the rugged 5K! I wanted to sign up but it was super expensive to do the late registration. I’m looking at doing a “Zombie” 5K in May.. it’s essentially the same thing as the rugged 5K or a Warrior dash. You get really gross either way =)

  2. GO MARIE WHOO!! I’m so excited to do the Salem 5K with you next month. And it kind of looks like we run at the same pace so we could be perfect running partners lol.

  3. Well done on your second 5K and time improvement! Definitely ready to train for a 10K now 😉

    Just wondering about the nausea… do you get this on your normal runs? Do you run at the same time/on the same food for your training runs as your race runs? Just thinking that the nausea might be meal related and maybe you could experiment with that during training runs so that you don’t have that problem next time. Maybe you’re not eating enough? I never feel like eating in the morning before a run but I force myself to have something substantial 2 hours before and I always feel better for it.

    I usually finish any race by running as fast as I can so I spend a good 30 seconds trying not to throw up everywhere, haha. My favourite part is finishing, but I also like getting to halfway, because then I know I can do it!

  4. Gobble x3 in Somerville is a hilly 4 miler on turkey day – perfect opportunity for my “run the race and stuff your face” motto.

    How do you feel as you cross that finish line? Depends – I tend to notice I sprint to the finish, no matter the race distance. AFTER, i feel a little crappy, but the finish is a welcome step! I tend to sign up for my next half while my legs are still burning 🙂

    What’s your favorite part of any race?
    Friends…so let’s do one together, eh?

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