What Boston Brunchers Means to Me

I have been part of the Boston Brunchers* since April of this year when I went to my first-ever brunch at the Biltmore Bar & Grille courtesy of Megan’s wonderful invite.  Since then, I’ve been hooked.  I have been to many brunches (and one dinner) including Local 149, Lil’ Vin’sBristol Lounge, and The Cottage.

Delicious mussels from Lil' Vin's

The friends that I’ve made and the food I have eaten are all part of the experience that is the Boston Brunchers.  It is unique, fun, and I wouldn’t give it up for all the cannolis in the world (and that’s saying something; I really love cannolis…)

I also really like chocolate malts from Local 149

To really express my love for this group, I decided to write an acrostic poem for it’s 1st Birthday Blogger Brunch giveaway!

Boston.  Our home, and home to some of the best food in the country.
Overeat.  It’s okay – we don’t judge.
Support.  We love each other and each other’s blogs. ‘Nuff said.
Tweeting.  We are good at it. #BostonBrunchers #Nom
Obviously the best blogger group in Boston.
Not realistic.  How much food we think we can eat in one sitting.

Brunch. The best meal of the week. Hands down.
Recipes.  We share them.
Unbelievable. How many courses restaurants set in front of us fo’ free!
Never having to say you’re sorry – for eating too much food.
Coma. The food kind: what happens to members after brunch. Subsides after many hours.
Healthy & Happy. What all of the Boston Brunchers are.
Eater. A requirement for membership.
Renee.  Our fearless leader, boldly bringing us to new places and dealing with all of the paperwork.
Stuffed.  You probably won’t need dinner.  Or maybe even breakfast the next day.

Happy 1st Birthday Boston Brunchers!

*Check us out: www.bostonbrunchers.com !

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