My 10K Goals/This Year’s Lenten Promises

So now that my 10K training has officially kicked off, I have a little less than 5 weeks to prepare for this race.  I’ve been hearing a lot of great advice for running my first 6.2 mile road race and one of the most important lessons I need to learn is not to go out too fast.

Funny thing is.. I’m not a fast runner.  I chug along anywhere between a 9:45 and an 11:00 minute per mile pace and I’m fine with that.  My training mainly focuses around just getting through the distance, but somehow I always manage to clock 8:45’s or less within the first half mile and before long, I’m gasping for air, wondering how I’m going to run the rest of the way.

So in true Chocolate & Wine fashion, I’ve comprised a list of goals for my first 10K.

Pretty colors = GET IT DONE.

1. Stick to the plan.  It’s posted on my wall, written in pretty colors.  It’s not too intense and my cross-training takes the form of long hours of dance.  I’ll do strength and abs either in the gym or my apartment.  Sweat central.

2.  Clean up my diet.  I don’t necessarily eat “bad” but I could eat better.  I want to consume way more water than I have been and keep other beverages to a minimum.  I have also decided to give up Diet Coke for Lent which should be a different goal entirely.  In the end, I know it’ll be good for my system and for my running.  More salads don’t hurt either.

3.  Sleep more.  This one should be a no-brainer but we’ll see.  Sometimes I like to watch old episodes of “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” on YouTube for hours.  I’ve also been on a Disney Channel Original Movie kick.  This is what happens when one does not have cable.  I need to put the laptop and cell phone down no later than 11pm for the next 5 weeks.

4. Be mindful of pain and injury.  I’m a dancer so being sore comes with the territory.  But I know the difference between a pulled muscle and something more serious.  I don’t exactly like to baby my body or take it easy if I have gloriously sweaty plans but I know during this cycle of training, especially when I have so many dance obligations as well, that I need to keep myself healthy and as injury-free as possible – even if it means taking a rest day and changing around my schedule if need be.

5.  Stress less.  I could not hate this semester more than I do right now.  Hopefully all of these natural endorphins from running and dancing will mellow me out.  It’s either that, or I’m going to need a Xanax prescription.

No, it's not some sick joke... it's my semester schedule.

6. Finish the race.  I suppose this is important.  I have a goal time in mind but I want to see how training goes before I tell the world.  Either way, this is my first 10K distance so I get an automatic PR!  That’s just as good as a medal.

I think that’s a pretty solid list to go off of.  Obviously “sweat a lot” and “avoid puking at the finish line” go without saying, right?

And how about a quick Lenten promise list as well?

1. No soda.  Wahhhh!  I love Diet Coke but it’s better for my body and my training if I left it out for a while.  Plus, giving up soda for good like I did a few years back would be ideal.  I’ll work on it.

2. Sleep more.  Didn’t we just hear this?  Well, it applies for the 40 days of Lent too.

3.  No “beverages” during the week.  Sure, a glass of wine before bed is great, but I’d like to keep it to just the weekends and make this a regular habit.

Sounds good to me.  Fasting begins at midnight.  I may be a little cranky tomorrow.

TELL ME!! What are your biggest race goals right now?  What are your favorite types of cross-training to do?  What do you do to stay injury-free?  Are you giving up anything for Lent or making a promise to better yourself and others?

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