Working 9 to 5… (and a CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY!)

Ok, technically I work 8:30 until whenever I feel like I’ve done enough work for the day that constitutes leaving. Usually it’s around 5 or 6.

In my last post (a month ago… where did summer go?!), I mentioned my new job as the Social Media Specialist at Lindt & Sprüngli Chocolate USA, more commonly known as “Lindt.” In a nutshell, I develop the social and digital content and marketing campaigns for Lindt’s chocolate products, ranging from the well-known LINDOR Truffles to EXCELLENCE chocolate bars and everything in between. I’m also in charge of community management for our social channels and read every comment or post from Lindt fans.

I can’t lie.. for the most part, it’s a pretty sweet job. Sweet job… because I work in a chocolate factory. See what I did there? Moving on…


So anyway… this Giveaway situation.

Since I work for what I think is the best chocolate company in the world, I want to share it with you! The winner will get a homemade Lindt Chocolate gift box complete with all of my favorites and yours too! (And maybe a fun surprise.. who knows?!)


All you have to do to enter is leave a comment telling me what your absolute favorite Lindt Chocolate is. (Just click on the “comments” below to leave your own!) That’s it!  It could be anything from the Milk Chocolate truffles, to the EXCELLENCE Dark Chocolate with a Touch of Sea Salt bar to our hollow Gold Bunny that you get in your Easter basket every year.

And if you’re feeling lucky and want 1 more entry, follow Lindt Chocolate USA on Facebook and leave a comment telling me you did.

Good luck all! The contest will run from now until I decide to close it so get those entries in and get some chocolate from me!*

So much little time.
So much chocolate…so little time.

*Disclaimer: While I do work for Lindt Chocolate USA, this is not a sponsored giveaway. Any and all chocolate will be paid for and come directly from me. All opinions expressed are my own!

**Contest valid only to residents in the continental USA. (Sorry, I can’t ship internationally or to Alaska or Hawaii.)  Also, if you live somewhere hot, I will do my best to see that your chocolate does not melt, but please be advised that chocolate and heat are not friends. 

27 thoughts on “Working 9 to 5… (and a CHOCOLATE GIVEAWAY!)

  1. Lindt chocolate is THE BEST. Whether I’m being “good” with a piece the 85% cacao bars or loading up on truffles at the Manchester outlet, it’s the ultimate indulgence. Silky-smooth, perfect amount of chocolate. There is no other. Of course, I have to go with the truffles as my favorite, but to pick one is impossible. It would be like picking my favorite kid (as much as I can imagine since I don’t have kids). Milk chocolate is like a launchpad for my taste buds. Peanut butter reminds me of being a little kid. Hazelnut is like a hot fudge sundae. Mint chocolate conjures mint hot cocoa after a day of sledding. And that new strawberry one? Woof. Every time I’m at a store counter with Lindt truffles, I buy at least three. It’s the ultimate treat, and I don’t feel bad because they are THAT GOOD, and I’m sure that anything that good can’t be bad.

  2. When I worked for GE over 20 years ago my boss would ALWAYS bring me back Lindt chocolate when he visited Sweden and from then on in it has always been Lindt. From the chocolates that Santa still leaves in all of the stockings for my sweeties to the special orders I need to send to the Easter Bunny and everything in between it is always Lindt. I would have it no other way. The bigger my family gets, The more excited I get to be able to share the tradition of my Lindt chocolates with them. I am very excited to find out their favorite Lindt candy so I can add them to my list. My personal favorites are the milk chocolate truffles along with the white chocolate ones. I have to be honest and tell you that I love to sample all of the new flavors and make sure that wherever I am if there is a Lindt store I visit! It truly is the best candy!!!

  3. My fav are the super dark truffles! I die for them (literally -too many give me a belly ache haha)

    I liked Lindt on Facebook because I love to stalk you! 🙂 xoxo

  4. My favorite is the Peanut Butter Lindor Truffles, yum yum!! I’m also quite curious/interested in the Hello Caramel Brownie bars. I follow Lindt on fbook and have left a comment!

  5. Um, any dark chocolate option that I can eat!!! xoxo
    I want to try the sea salt one before I decide, but that sounds yummy

  6. omg. CHOCOLATEEEEEEEEEEE. (spongebob reference, anyone?) Naturally I’ve waited til the last minute to enter but….I love all chocolate. But especially chocolates with coconut or caramel involved. Also I miss you and need to update you on life in disney slash get an update on your working life! Seriously thank you for having a blog…I should probably do the same…

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